Distribution Policy

Distribution Policy

If you wish to distribute If you wish to distribute Powersoft software branded with our trademarks or any other software under the Support and Maintenance of Powersoft, you must comply with the relevant software licenses, the Powersoft Trademark Guidelines and either the Unaltered Software Distribution Policy or the terms of a written distribution agreement with Powersoft.

Unaltered Software Distribution Policy

You may distribute unaltered copies of Powersoft’s Software as long as you comply with the following rules: 

  • You may not charge for the software. That means:

           – Distribution may not be subject to any fee.

           – Distribution may not be tied to purchasing a product or service.

  • You may not collect personal information in the context of your distribution of the software.
  • You may not add to, remove, or change any part of the software, including the Powersoft trademarks themselves. For example, you may not add any extensions to the Software.
  • You may not modify the installation process of the software or use it to install any other themes, plugins, extensions, or software.
  • If you wish to directly distribute copies of Firefox yourself, you must distribute the latest stable version available.
  • When distributing you must distribute the most recent version of the software.
  • For Android versions of Software that you are distributing on a device: (1) the device must have at least 512MB of RAM; and (2) if the device does not have Google Play installed, you must have a means for providing the user with Software updates as they are released by Powersoft.

Powersoft reserves the right to change this Unaltered Software Distribution Policy by posting changes on this webpage. 

Modified Versions Require Prior Written Permission

If you make any changes to the Powersoft software or any other software under the Support and Maintenance of Powersoft, you may not redistribute that product using any Powersoft trademark without Powersoft ’s prior written consent and, typically, a distribution agreement with Powersoft .

Changes requiring Powersoft ’s prior written permission include (but are not limited to):

  • Changing the default home page or adding bookmarks,
  • Adding, modifying, or deleting source files,
  • Adding, modifying, or deleting content from installer files,