Our Approach

How We Work

Through a combination of traditional and newer business models, the company seamlessly provides technological solutions and services to enterprises across industries such as Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Travel and Hospitality, earning credibility with our sustainable partnership.

IT support & Maintenance in Singapore
Sitefinity services in Singapore


Powersoft’s solutions and services are creatively engineered through deep Domain understanding in the field of IT and in particular, cloud services.


Powersoft provides strategic digital solutions to help clients upgrade their business, especially through enhancing the channels for customer engagements.


Powersoft provides UI/UX services and high-end engineering design solutions to market-leading engineering organizations worldwide.


Powersoft is committed to delivering excellence through each and every engagement with our customized Delivery: Outcome-based, BOT, JVs, As-a-service and Subscription models.